About Hear Here

Hear Here is a core of composers from the San Francisco Bay Area. With one of our team (Alexis Alrich) in Hong-Kong, another (Michael Kaulkin) schooled in Budapest, we're working on global outreach, holding hands with composers around the world, finding new ways to present and share imaginative new music. 

Bay Area concerts by Hear Here in 2010 and 2011 with Magik*Magik Orchestra will coincide with fundraising to support an Asian-American Composers Alliance in 2012. This alliance will bring our music to Hong-Kong, and composers from both Hong-Kong and Mainland China to American ears. Here Hear is interested in music as a total immersion experience - a link to video, to design, to dance, to the playground of human imagination.

Read about our upcoming debut at San Francisco Airport's You Are Hear festival.